Monday, November 24, 2008

Stock Screen Hints

From another blog.  I am going to try this. 

May I share an insight that I learned from an investor who does covered calls. His criteria for stocks for CC in ANY market is:

Stocks that are:

Above the 200dma (but not below 50dma, better > 100; best > 200dma);

Mkt Cap > 2B;

Daily Vol > 1M;

Consistent earnings and EPS growth;

PE < 18; PEG < 1.37

Free Cash Flow > 10 (better in the thousands-- esp., if it pays dividends)

Dividend > 1%;

ROE > 5 (better above 10);

High Relative Strength (esp., in a Bear Market);

Low Debt to Equity ratio (esp., in a Bear Mkt);

Low Beta/ Std Dev;

Upward moves happen on volume.

Put those values in Yahoo's stock screener at:

Check for stocks that have crossed the 200dma here at MSN's screener:

Hope that helps.

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DaveW said...

I am going to try this. Let me know if anyone else has success.