Friday, February 14, 2014

Initiated Bear Call Spread in $SPX for $80 Credit

BOTMAR 28 '14 1925 Call Option (SPXW) 1SPX2.2Credit
SLDMAR 28 '14 1915 Call Option (SPXW) 1SPX3-0.8

SPXBear Call Spread
Start Date2/14/2014Sell to Open
TickerSPXStrike Price1915Price2.98
DTE41Strike PricePrice0.00
Today's Date15-Feb-14Buy to Open
Expiration Date3/28/2014Strike Price1925Price2.22
Strike PricePrice0.00
See for results of all trades.Credit Received$0.77[*net MAXIMUM gain for the trade…]
Received Per Contract$76.98

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