Monday, February 24, 2014

Trading Business Group

I would like to form a small group of "independent" traders who:

  1. Believe that no one can manage their money better than they can!
  2. Believe that most Financial Planners put you in an investment and forget about you (Plop-and-Drop)
  3. Where group members have other jobs and interests which mandate that only 1-2 hours per day can be allocated to it.  This form of trading must permit worldwide travel and group members will be geographically dispersed. 
  4. Are willing to communicate with the other members of the group (6-7 people) online, the cloud, a Blog and Skype.
  5. Can understand Probability theory and spreads (e.g. Sell at $10 and buy it back at $9 equals a profit) while selecting trades with limited risk and small steady profits
  6. Are willing to Risk $3000 to make $600 or an APR of 20% or better. 
  7. Are capable of thinking of trading as a Business.  
  8. Are young enough to put this Trading Business to work for the long term

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