Monday, March 17, 2014

Status of two of my smaller more aggressive accounts.

Someone asked to show results:  I do wish to share my work and for vetting in near future;  I have been documenting everything in a blog and on spreadsheets. 

From August 2013 to Today 3/16/14 using two of my smaller accounts ($40000) my IRA and Margin Accounts resulted in 16% growth in that period.  In my Margin account I have done some experimentation in Stocks and ETFS with various results.

Excluding the Margin Account and using the IRA resulted in a 19% growth for the same period.   (I had a rough Nov- Dec when I thought the market would go down and it went up.) 19 % growth in 7 months is a little better than 30% APR for the year.  

From Jan - Today In the IRA ---- the results are at 18% which would be about a 30% APR for the year.  I should do better this year as I getting the hang of it.  

Below is a listing of my trades for Feb,  My win rate was respectable  21 Wins vs 3 Lost

Inline image 2

Second Half
Inline image 6

My current trades are shown below and you can see I'm bearish.

Inline image 3

I think it is important to treat this business - as a business.  For this reason - I am happily willing to show my work for comments and improvements.  

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