Tuesday, April 1, 2014

March results for Selling Spreads in a Small IRA Account in $NDX, $SPX, and $RUT

Below are my results using $NDX, $SPX, and $RUT along with a few puts sold.  With this account of approximately $45000 I made a Monthly P and L of  4.5% or 179% APR.   My method is a Modified Karen technique where I am "not" trying to have a balanced portfolio but rather skewed in the direction of the overall "Weekly Trend", I sell spreads, and I load up on in the opposite direction when the Bollinger Bands are Touched (or Fractal Breakout which is the same as they both could be interpreted as a reversal soon using a daily chart).  When I do balance my portfolio it is for shorter DTE spreads.  Today - my portfolio is relatively balanced.

Full Spreadsheet click here.

My current OPen trades are:

My Trades
ActLegs SpreadsWin Lose
+MGM 17MAY14 23.0 PWinning
-NAV 25APR14 31.0 PWinning
+NDX 25APR14 3325.0 PBull Put
-NDX 25APR14 3350.0 PBull PutWinning
-NDX 25APR14 3825.0 CBear Call
+NDX 25APR14 3850.0 CBear CallWinning
+NDX 02MAY14 3325.0 PBull Put
-NDX 02MAY14 3350.0 PBull PutWinning
+NDX 17MAY14 3250.0 PBull Put
-NDX 17MAY14 3275.0 PBull PutWinning
+RUT 25APR14 1090.0 PBull Put
-RUT 25APR14 1100.0 PBull PutWinning
+RUT 02MAY14 1120.0 PBull Put
-RUT 02MAY14 1130.0 PBull PutWinning
+RUT 17MAY14 1070.0 PBull Put
-RUT 17MAY14 1080.0 PBull PutWinning
-SPX 11APR14 1890.0 CBear Call
+SPX 11APR14 1900.0 CBear CallWinning
+SPX 02MAY14 1770.0 PBull Put
-SPX 02MAY14 1780.0 PBull PutWinning
-SPX 02MAY14 1920.0 CBear Call
-SPX 09MAY14 1745.0 PBull Put
+SPX 09MAY14 1755.0 PBull PutWinning
+SPX 09MAY14 1925.0 CBear Call
-SPX 09MAY14 1935.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 17MAY14 1960.0 C
+SPX 23MAY14 1940.0 C
+SPX 23MAY14 1945.0 CBear CallWinning

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