Tuesday, February 14, 2017


I got my Strikes mixed up and this BUY may be a mistake.  

Open=+EWZ 17MAR17 36.0 P2017-02-13, 11:36:081$0.39-$39.00$0.00Bull Put Spread
Open=+EWZ 17MAR17 39.0 P2017-02-13, 11:36:08-1$1.50$150.00$0.00Bull Put Spread Leg2

GoalTo make $180 with working capital of $2500$180.00$2.86$154.41$154.41
Trade Paste Values onlyTypeCurrentDTEWin LossUn realizedRealizedWon AmountOpen ClosedWin Loss
Trade1MSFT 17MAR17 60.0 P$0.00-$16.17$0.00Closed
MSFT 17MAR17 62.5 PBull Put$0.00$32.83$16.66ClosedW
Trade2IWM 24FEB17 133.0 P$0.00-$139.82$0.00Closed
IWM 24FEB17 135.0 PBull Put$0.00$161.18$21.36ClosedW
Trade3MDLZ 17FEB17 46.0 C$0.00$289.11$0.00Closed
MDLZ 17FEB17 48.0 CBear Call$0.00-$256.89$32.22ClosedW
Trade4MMM 17MAR17 170.0 P$0.00-$44.89$0.00Closed
MMM 17MAR17 175.0 PBull Put$0.00$79.10$34.21ClosedW
Trade5TLT 17MAR17 117.0 P$0.00-$87.30$0.00Closed
TLT 17MAR17 119.0 PBull Put$0.00$130.70$43.40ClosedW
Trade6VZ 17FEB17 49.5 C$0.00$60.78$0.00Closed
VZ 17FEB17 50.5 CBear Call$0.00-$40.22$20.56ClosedW
Trade7RF 17FEB17 14.0 C$0.00-$79.19$0.00Closed
RF 17FEB17 16.0 CBear Call$0.00-$2.09-$81.28ClosedL
Trade8XLI 17MAR17 60.0 P$0.00-$38.74$0.00Closed
XLI 17MAR17 62.0 PBull Put$0.00$68.86$30.12ClosedW
Trade9GLD 17MAR17 112.0 P$0.00-$173.42$0.00Closed
GLD 17MAR17 113.0 PBull Put$0.00$210.58$37.16ClosedW
Trade10EWZ 17MAR17 36.0 P$38.50$0.00$0.00$0.00Open
EWZ 17MAR17 39.0 PBull Put$38.5031Losing$2.86$0.00$0.00Open

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