Wednesday, February 22, 2017

$MS $SPY Long -- My system did not signal these trades

=+MS 17MAR17 42.0 P2017-02-21, 13:44:232$0.11-$22.00$29.37Bull Put Spread
=+MS 17MAR17 44.0 P2017-02-21, 13:44:23-2$0.30$60.00$0.00Bull Put Spread Leg2
=+SPY 31MAR17 231.0 P2017-02-21, 11:47:181$1.67-$167.00$0.00Bull Put Spread
=+SPY 31MAR17 234.0 P2017-02-21, 11:47:18-1$2.51$251.00$0.00Bull Put Spread Leg2

Just made these trades because everything seems to be going up.  

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