Thursday, March 6, 2014

Mostly Bearish Trades - Market need to move down slightly to be profitable.

My Trades
ActLegs SpreadsWin Lose
-NDX 14MAR14 3725.0 CBear Call
+NDX 14MAR14 3775.0 CBear CallLosing
-NDX 22MAR14 3825.0 CBear Call
+NDX 22MAR14 3875.0 CBear CallWinning
-NDX 28MAR14 3850.0 CBear Call
+NDX 28MAR14 3875.0 CBear CallWinning
-NDX 19APR14 3850.0 CBear Call
+NDX 19APR14 3900.0 CBear CallWinning
-NDX 19APR14 3925.0 CBear Call
+NDX 19APR14 3950.0 CBear CallWinning
+RUT 22MAR14 1000.0 PBull Put
-RUT 22MAR14 1010.0 PBull PutWinning
-RUT 22MAR14 1210.0 CBear Call
+RUT 22MAR14 1225.0 CBear CallWinning
-RUT 22MAR14 1240.0 CBear Call
+RUT 22MAR14 1250.0 CBear CallWinning
-RUT 19APR14 1230.0 CBear Call
+RUT 19APR14 1250.0 CBear CallWinning
-RUT 19APR14 1280.0 CBear Call
+RUT 19APR14 1290.0 CBear CallWinning
+SPX 22MAR14 1690.0 PBull Put
-SPX 22MAR14 1700.0 PBull PutWinning
-SPX 22MAR14 1910.0 CBear Call
+SPX 22MAR14 1920.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 28MAR14 1915.0 CBear Call
+SPX 28MAR14 1925.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 28MAR14 1940.0 CBear Call
+SPX 28MAR14 1955.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 04APR14 1915.0 CBear Call
+SPX 04APR14 1925.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 04APR14 1930.0 CBear Call
+SPX 04APR14 1950.0 CBear CallWinning
+SPX 11APR14 1695.0 PBull Put
-SPX 11APR14 1705.0 PBull PutWinning
-SPX 11APR14 1890.0 CBear Call
+SPX 11APR14 1900.0 CBear CallWinning
-SPX 19APR14 1950.0 CBear Call
+SPX 19APR14 1960.0 CBear CallWinning

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