Saturday, February 11, 2017

Test - D20Jan17 Day Challenge - Day 12

Playbook3 : FavMain

I use a Crossovers system to get most of my signals.
A crossover is simple kind of signal.  The most basic type of crossover is when a slower moving average cross over a faster moving average,  These crossovers are the Buy and Sell signals depending on the directions of the crossover. Crossovers are used by traders to identify an entry or exit strategy. 

Got a buy signal today on BA.  See green up arrows on Chart Below.  

Trade Plans

LegsDateBuy SellPriceAmount ReceivedRealizedSpread
=+GLD 17MAR17 112.0 P2017-02-08, 10:35:30-2$0.29$58.00-$173.42Bull Put Spread
=+GLD 17MAR17 113.0 P2017-02-08, 10:35:302$0.41-$82.00$210.58Bull Put Spread Leg2

Trade Paste Values onlyTypeCurrentDTEWin LossUn realizedRealizedWon AmountOpen ClosedWin Loss
Trade1MSFT 17MAR17 60.0 P$64.00$0.00$0.00$0.00Open
MSFT 17MAR17 62.5 PBull Put$64.0034Winning$2.83$0.00$0.00Open
Trade2IWM 24FEB17 133.0 P$0.00-$139.82$0.00Closed
IWM 24FEB17 135.0 PBull Put$0.00$161.18$21.36ClosedW
Trade3MDLZ 17FEB17 46.0 C$0.00$289.11$0.00Closed
MDLZ 17FEB17 48.0 CBear Call$0.00-$256.89$32.22ClosedW
Trade4MMM 17MAR17 170.0 P$0.00-$44.89$0.00Closed
MMM 17MAR17 175.0 PBull Put$0.00$79.10$34.21ClosedW
Trade5TLT 17MAR17 117.0 P$0.00-$87.30$0.00Closed
TLT 17MAR17 119.0 PBull Put$0.00$130.70$43.40ClosedW
Trade6VZ 17FEB17 49.5 C$0.00$60.78$0.00Closed
VZ 17FEB17 50.5 CBear Call$0.00-$40.22$20.56ClosedW
Trade7RF 17FEB17 14.0 C$14.99$0.00$0.00$0.00Open
RF 17FEB17 16.0 CBear Call$14.996Losing-$50.83$0.00$0.00Open
Trade8XLI 17MAR17 60.0 P$64.73$0.00$0.00$0.00Open
XLI 17MAR17 62.0 PBull Put$64.7334Winning$22.72$0.00$0.00Open
Trade9GLD 17MAR17 112.0 P$0.00-$173.42$0.00Closed
GLD 17MAR17 113.0 PBull Put$0.00$210.58$37.16ClosedW

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